The Book

A few days after the passing of his beloved wife, author Jim Reuther, better known as Gunky, discovered her extraordinary letter in a handwritten notebook titled, “How to Get Along Without Me.” The notebook was a simple “How to Guide” for the tasks she had done faithfully for him until the end. But one request stood out; she challenged him to continue his writings.

In Gunky’s Adventures, Reuther features a collection of twenty-five tales, one for each letter of the alphabet, beginning with his late wife’s note, “Afterlife Love Letter and Wish.” Ranging from the humorous to tearjerkers, to odd happenings and surprise endings, to musings on rock and roll, to stories about family, friends, foes, and fails, he reflects on an array of life experiences. His first poems ever written are included under the title of “Xtraordinaire (Silent Sentinels).”

Reuther wishes readers of Gunky’s Adventures come away with rejuvenated belief, hope, joy, and warmth in their hearts, minds, and souls because we are all in this wonderful world together and Reason, Love, and Peace will prevail.

Cover photo shows Gunky’s Gang of “Lucky Stones” with portals to another World…Gunky’s.